Intercad is Australasia's leading mechanical 3D CAD supplier, founded in 1988 Intercad has a proven track record of selecting and successfully deploying engineering and design technology for the Australasian marketplace.

Intercad is located in seven offices around Australia and New Zealand ensuring the best possible backup and support for our customers.

Intercad's unique profile in the Australasian design marketplace has resulted in a reputation for excellence as evidenced by the many awards Intercad has received over the years.

Graphisoft Australia believes that every building in the world should be a Great Building!

To create Better Buildings our clients need to spend more time in design and evaluate more alternatives. Our clients also need to check constructability before running into problems on site. To have more opportunities to refine the design, our clients need to be freed from the drudgeries of drafting. To anticipate construction problems, our clients need to simulate the building in all its details. It is accepted that 95% of work in a construction project is Information Processing. That's where we want to help make Better Architecture.